Training Specialists in Russian Philology from Foreign Countries

The philological faculty is one of the leading centers for preparation of specialists in Russian philology from foreign countries and it practices’ various forms of training to Russian as foreign (RAF). About 200 foreign students are trained annually at the faculty, including trainees and post-graduate students from different countries of the world. Educational process is carried out by all departments of the faculty. The department of applied linguistics offers the courses of theoretical and applied character at the choice. Individual programs of training and individual classes with students are also possible.

Forms and Levels of the RAF Training:

·         Full curriculum according to programs:

o   Higher education 1st level (5 years),

o   Higher education 2nd level (MA degree, 2 years)

·         Incorporated training (1 term, 1 year, 2 years).

·         Postgraduate study and doctoral studies on the specialties (with defence of dissertations in authorised Bodies of the University):

o   Belarusian literature;

o   Russian literature;

o   Literature of foreign countries;

o   Theory of literature; textual criticism;

o   Folklore research;

o   Belarusian language;

o   Russian language;

o   Slavic languages;

o   Theory of language;

o   Applied and mathematical linguistics;

o   Theory and methodology of training and education

·         Training and improvement of professional skill.

·         The Russian language courses.


Estimated Training Cost under the Contract (in US dollars):

·         Full training – from $ 2328 a year;

·         Incorporated training – from $ 300 a month;

·         Postgraduate study and doctoral studies - $ 3336 a year (the full-time training), $ 1980 a year (the correspondence form of training);

·         Traineeship and refresher training – from $ 233 a month.


In order to obtain the invitation for training, it is necessary to send the following documents by fax or by e-mail: a copy of a page from the passport (birth date, passport   No, validity, citizenship, a photo), education documents, the application to register for a certain form of training.

After receiving these documents the University send the official invitation for getting visa in Consulate of Belarus located in your country.

It is necessary to receive a temporary registration (the sanction to temporary residing) for the period of staying in Belarus after registration the contract for training and Order on enrolling to Belarusian State University.

For this purpose it is necessary to hand the following documents (room №102):

  1. filled application form;
  2. passport with the student visa;
  3. migratory form;
  4. 3 photos;
  5. medical insurance (it is made in room №102) ;
  6. a hostel permit;
  7. receipts on payment of the state registration tax.


For the period of registration of the passport you will receive the certificate, which temporarily substitutes the passport. Attention: the passport to be handed over for registration within 3 days after arrival in Belarus. The passports are usually drawn up within 10 days. One can receive the passport with registration only after he presents the Certificate of full medical check.

Administrative Charges (2008-2009)

  1. Invitation to study in Belarusian State University – 35 US dollars
  2. Meeting, help with the settlement (at all) – 40 US dollars
  3. Temporary registration for the period of staying in the Republic of Belarus – 45 US dollars
  4. Medical insurance – 85 US dollars/ 1 year
  5. Obligatory medical check – 55 US dollars
  6. Visa for a vacation – 45 US dollars
  7. Visa for departure – 30 US dollars


Payment is made in the US dollars or in the Belarusian rubles after the  candidate arrives to Belarusian State University.

Foreign students are accommodated in the rooms of the University hostels which are located close to the faculty building. Students have meals in a student’s dining room, café or restaurant independently. Residing at a hostel is defined from 20 up to 40 US dollars a month depending on living conditions. It is possible to live in a rented flat. In this case payment is defined from 120 up to 300 US dollars a month approximately.

The address of the Belarusian State University:

220050, Belarus, Minsk, Nezavisimosty prospect, 4.

Belarusian State University. Foreign students Department of  Management of the International Communications.

Phone: +375 17 209-53-95

Fax: +375 17 209 54 47

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